Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BE LOVE and Interview with Culture Crew

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Culture Crew while they were on tour.  Culture Crew is a band consisting of members Sam Schultz and Aaron Watene who both have musical backgrounds.  (Former member Elijah Tucker has gone on to pursue a different avenue.)  Culture Crew formed at the end of last year as Sam and Aaron set forth to change the world, one person at a time.

Culture Crew recently released a video that really sums up their mission statement called Be Love.  Their message is that the world is currently lacking in love and they want to get out there and open people's hearts.  They've been doing community outreach projects such as hosting concerts for the homeless where they give out free meals and donated clothing.  They are visiting children's hospitals to spread joy and music.  They are also working on clean water projects around the world.  If you'd like to help them with their movement, you can donate HERE.  You can also connect with Culture Crew on social media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I love the message of Culture Crew!  I'm a firm believer in getting out there and DOING something to help the world.  From my Bring Back Nice movement (if you're a long time reader, you might remember this) to teaching my kids about service, I am committed to helping others.  I feel like it's the rent I pay to live on this planet.  Right now, there is so much bad stuff happening in the world, we need love and kindness more than ever!  It's nice to see a band going out and spreading this message too!

I got the chance to interview Culture Crew about their mission, you can watch it here:

Culture Crew and I decided to issue you all a CHALLENGE and of course there will be prizes!  We are issuing you a challenge to go out and BE LOVE!  Also, get your kids out there to BE LOVE!  You can do whatever that looks like to you (donate food to the food bank, pick up litter at the park, leave nice notes all over town, etc...) and post about it.  You can post a picture or a story or whatever you are comfortable with and link it here or tag me on social media.  I leave all my social media links at the bottom of each post.  Do this by June 16 at 11:59pm and you will be entered to win!  I have 1 prize for an adult which is a Culture Crew hat and 1 prize for a kid which is a Culture Crew fidget spinner.  It's summer and I'd love to see some kids out there helping out the world!  The entries from all platforms will be looked at and two winners will be selected.  ***If you are under 13, you MUST have parent permission to enter!***

Here are the prizes (photos courtesy of the Culture Crew website):

Get out there, BE LOVE and win yourself some cool prizes!

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  1. Such a great message! Spreading love is so important. Some days we get so caught up in our own world (I'm guilty) we forget to think of others. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. What a great group! I'm all about sharing goodness so I love this!

  3. They seem like a great group! I love the message!