Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My First Ever Etsy Purchase

When baby B was about 6 weeks old, I noticed that he was able to grab fabric items and hold them. He could not hold toys yet at this point, but he was always going after his burp cloths. I didn't want him to suck on those because they have spit up on them and that's just gross. So, I started looking for an alternative. On a baby website, I found that a lot of moms were getting Taggie Blankets for their children. People kept raving for this seller on etsy named Molly Checkers so I decided to check out her site.

I really liked her site because there were a variety of different textures and prints to choose from. Her blankets looked much more chic than the "real" Taggie blankets. I set up an Etsy account and it was my first purchase. I anxiously awaited the arrival of the Ribbon Snuggle Lovey.

I was not disappointed! It came pretty fast. I opened the package to find that the fabric was much nicer than I had anticipated. I love the minky side. The ribbons were sewn on so straight and they seem to be attached very securely. Best of all, the baby LOVES his blanket. We take it whenever we go out in his car seat. He can spend hours just sucking away at the ribbons. We've washed it many times due to the amount of bodily fluids an infant gets on his favorite items and it's holding up very well! I have referred her to many friends who have already bought things! YAY!

Here's a picture for your enjoyment!

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