Thursday, December 20, 2007

Turtle Invites Are Trying to Kill Me

I am making some baby shower invitations for my friend Tiffany. She is throwing a shower for her sister. It sounded like a really easy fun order. She just wanted cards with an under the sea theme with a focus on turtles. Sounded fine. Boy, was I wrong!

I went to FIVE different stores before I found a turtle that was even remotely cute. Yes, FIVE, during Christmas shopping season. I wanted to DIE. Then, once I found the turtle, I still needed to buy all the other elements for the card. So, it was back to the stores for me.

Yesterday, while I was working on invites, I realized that I didn't buy enough paper for them. So, guess where I get to go today? I'll just be glad when I get this project done. Here's a rough draft.


  1. Hey Heart Hugs!
    The turtle cards turned out great! I really love the design! I know it was a pain for you to come up with the design, but I think you hit a home run with the final product! Keep up the great work!

    kathy aka uncckitkat

  2. Yay, thanks for linking up! Isn't fun to see how much our styles have changed through the years? I know that we've been long time bloggie friends...thanks so much for helping me celebrate my blogaversary!