Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birthday Invite

I am SO in love with these invites! I hope someone orders some from me soon. I, actually, love photo cards because they are easy and I think people will be more inclined to keep them because they have pictures on them. Plus, they are a cute keepsake for your child.

I think Brady's birthday invite will be a lot like this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gradient in the dot around Eli's picture. I find it to be extra special. And I love the writing in the dots. Maybe with a bit more stroking and drop shadows, the whole invite would be more stunning. But there's a lot to be said for simplicity, so we'll see.

This ADORABLE picture is from the lovely Jaimi of Eli N Opus. She lent me her son's picture. You can also see Brady's picture in some of her listings. She makes amazing custom photo pendants, ornaments and magnets. We have all three and they are fabulous! Check them out!

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