Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleep Sack

In case you don't know, a sleep sack is basically a wearable blanket for your baby. It keeps the baby from pulling the blanket over his/her head and suffocating. However, in my case, it just keeps the baby covered. He likes to kick his covers off.

We searched for a sleep sack everywhere. I really wanted to get one second hand because we are on a budget, but I wasn't able to find one I was happy with. So, I turned to Etsy like I usually do. I found this sleep sack from MyBabyBoutique. We originally didn't want it because the zipper wasn't inversed and it didn't have a flap to keep the zipper from poking the baby. But there's the magic of Etsy, I just sent a message over to the seller and she said that she would add the flap, free of charge.

I was very pleased with this sleep sack when it came. It's nice a big so Brady will be able to grow and still fit it. It's very soft. It's extremely well made, better than a certain brand name one that we had. And I love the fun design! I think more places should offer fun fabrics like this. Who wants boring old blue everyday? Not me!

Brady did the cutest thing when we put this sleep sack on him. It is loose enough on him that he could get it to cover his face, so he started playing peek a boo with it. He's a doll. But it is nice that he sees it as something that he can play with as oppose to something that reminds him of bedtime. I will definitely be back from more, hopefully she has some in lighter materials for summer.