Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank Goodness for These!

I FINALLY found a slipper that stays on Brady's feet. Not only do they not fall off, but Brady can't get them off either. I am so excited! I've tried a bunch of different kinds of slippers ie ones that tie at the top, ones with laces, crocheted ones, fleece ones, etc... These are the ONLY ones that have worked for us!

These are the non-skid toddler slippers from BePe Baby. They are fantastic! The fit is perfect, I got the 9-12 month ones for Brady. They have elastic on the backs, so they are easy to get on Brady's feet but not easy for him to take off. The inside is fully lined in nice soft fabric. The entire soles are the non skid material with the little bumps on it. And the top is a nice fashionable material. She has TONS of gorgeous fabrics to choose from! Shipping was extremely fast too!

I am so confident in the fit of these slippers, I even allow Brady to sleep in them. That's saying a lot because I don't allow socks on Brady when it's time to sleep since I read a story about a baby choking on a sock. But I know that these ones will stay on his feet which is also great for going out because it's no fun to back track through the mall looking for a lost slipper!

This picture on the right is Brady's new pose for the camera. Just thought I would share. :)

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  1. Thanks you for such a kind review. I was online searching the net for another product review and came across your blog.. I am happy you and your son have enjoyed the slippers. My boys have many pairs and we love them too! Thanks again.