Saturday, August 9, 2008

Found Another Giveaway

I definitely don't want my blog to turn into one where you can only find links to giveaways.  Actually I made some new cards that I am going to photograph and post up very soon (like tonight.)  BUT this  giveaway is just TOO cute!  

Melody left a comment on my blog and that's how I found out about her blog.  See?  Pays to leave comments when you are blog hopping!  Anyhow, she told me about the awesome giveaway that she's having on her blog.  

I am a bit in love with her Etsy shop!  It's beyond cute!  She has plushies, little bags, AND baby toys!  I love the baby toys!  Watch out Melody, I'm gonna hit up your shop soon!  Brady has lots of friends with birthdays coming up!  So, check her out.  You know how I love handmade stuff and her stuff is REALLY nice!  

*I blogged napped this pic from Melody, I hope she doesn't mind


  1. I love how many giveaways you have found! Thanks for sharing them all with us. :)