Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hugged My Heart #2

I've decided that my weekly "Hugged My Heart" entry will also feature a picture of Brady.  After all, he does hug my heart every single day.  Plus, I do get requests for more pictures of the little guy on my blog.  So, here he is playing with Daddy.

Here are the rest of the things that hugged my heart this week.

1. Amy Leigh Photography.  I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at a baby shower and again at my mommy group.  I just love her as a person.  I decided to check out her site and she is AMAZING!  I would love to get her to take some pictures of Brady some time when I can afford it.  Not that she's expensive AT ALL for what you get but we are budgeting right now.

2. Cindy Haffner's Sparkly Wheelbarrow card.  It is just beyond cute and it's in my favorite colors.  However, in the midst of writing Cindy's name, my spacebar stopped working and now I'm using my hubby's keyboard.  Cindy, if you are reading this, your card owes me a keyboard.  ;)

3. I have two new favorite blogs, each for different reasons.  I'll let you go over and see if you can figure out why.  I think you'll love them too.  

That's it for this week!  


  1. Both of your boys are way cute!!! I can see why you love Jami's and Kathryn's blogs! Jami's cards are spot-on to the very last detail and Kathryn has a very elegant (and girlie) style! Both use card sketches so that you can recreate them yourself! I look forward to these heart Hugs!

  2. Ashley - thanks so much for letting me hug your heart! You totally made my day!! I also enjoy Kathryn's and Cindy's blogs...and now yours too! Amy's photography is marvelous - she really can capture the kids smiles!! Thanks again!

  3. Good Morning --
    I LOVE your blog, too!!!
    Thanks for mentioning mine on yours --:)

    Brady is adorable!! What a sweetheart!!
    Your cards are fabulous-- you are so very creative!!

    Take care and have a great week!

    Kathryn :)