Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hugged My Heart #4

This was a trying week for Brady and I.  He is teething, really badly.  I feel bad for him but at the same time, it's very hard on me too.  HOWEVER, I dare you to be mad or grumpy at someone wearing a tank top romper.  (Go on, try it!)  Seeing his little upper arms rolls and imagining him wearing this as an old fashion swimsuit just tickles me.

Here are the things that hugged my heart this week:

1. Unity Stamp Company's Cause of the Week.  You all know how I love Unity.  They have great stamps!  You know that I love Angela because she's a HUGE sweetheart and she and her team provide excellent customer service.  But Angela has gone and topped it all.  This week on Hip Hop Thursday, Angela announced that she would be donating 10% of the sales from each Thursday to a different cause.  She also added a donate item too, where we could donate directly to the cause.  I'm not going to go into the cause this week because I would rather not cry, BUT I think it's mighty big of Unity to not only give back but to bring attention to a cause you might not have already known about.

2. Wendi Winn.  I know I already mentioned her this week but I really do just LOVE Wendi.  There's just something about her that brings a smile to my face.  She would like me to tell you that in leu of being HILARIOUS she is actually "sometimes comical."  Why don't you decide for yourself?

3. Taylor Vanbruggen of Taylored Expressions.  Now, Taylor is a tiny bit evil.  A) She has a weekly challenge where you should use CUPCAKES on your card.  Seeing cupcakes makes me want to eat cupcakes, there's where the evil comes in.  There are even pictures of cupcakes on her site!  B) She has a fun store with stamp supplies and cards.  More evil since I am on a STRICT budget.  C) She released a line of stamps in her store called Stamp a Sweet Impression.  DOUBLE whammy.  I mean, cupcake stamps in a store full of goodies?!?  What are you trying to do?  Kill me??!?!  ;)  I'm just kidding!  I'm really happy for Taylor and I think it's wonderful that she's fulfilling her dreams.  D) She introduced me to the next blog.  Oy vey!

4. Cakespy.  This site is like HEAVEN for a foodie.  It's actually kind of like food porn.  (Yeah, I said it!  So what?!)  There are posts full to the brim of cookies, cakes, and all sorts of desserts.  The temptation to lick my screen is almost too much to bear.  They have cute little cartoons.  They have recipes.  But the pictures, oh the pictures!

5. The lovely Jennifer Buck of The Buck Stamps Here.  This week, Jennifer gave me such warm words of encouragement.  For someone so talented and busy to take time out of her schedule to help lift me out of a funk is just beyond sweet.  I hope one day I get to meet Jennifer Buck so I can give her the world's biggest hug for all the kindness she's shown me.

That's all for now!  Have a great week!


  1. Your so sweet! I am so happy you are out of your funk! :) YOu are super talented girl! Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. your son is adorable.

    first. regarding your latest comment on my blog. uh. no you can't.

    second. i really don't have anything to add. but there has to be a second if there's a first.