Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I am just exhausted.  It started with a morning spent with twelve often grumpy children (can you say overwhelming?)  Then ended with a huge drama amongst a group of "friends" that I've been trying to distance myself from.  Add to that one teething Brady and that fact that my closest friend here in town just told me that she's moving and I was just SPENT yesterday.  I'm still a little exhausted from it all.

BUT today is a new day.  Not only that but it's HIP HOP day!  Join us on the Unity forum!  It's so fun!  Angela and crew are giving away a prize about every half hour!  ALL day long!  There's tons of specials, new releases, and lots of chatting with kind and talented women!  Hooray for Hip Hop!  So, here's a few cards I made this week with Unity.


  1. love love love your cards! *hugs*

  2. That imagine card is fabu!!!

    I'm sorry things were rough for you yesterday! Hopefully, today things will be better for ya!

  3. Cute cards. Hope your day is bright today!

  4. Sorry you had such a yucky day...I hope today is full of smiles for you!! Love the cards - especially that sunflower card with the bling on the flowers!!
    big hugs, Jami

  5. that is overwhelming.

    all cards are just great :)

  6. Brilliant cards hun well done xxxxx