Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stomach Flu!

Gah!  I caught the stomach flu from work.  Today, half the kids didn't show up.  When we talked to their parents, we were told that they spent the whole night throwing up.  YUCK!

I went home early since there weren't that many kids at the daycare.  Within maybe 1/2 an hour of getting home, I have the full on stomach flu.  It's awful!  I'm really hoping and praying that I have a better December ahead of me because I cannot keep going on like this.

I'll be back tomorrow with a Hip Hop Hangover post.  The card is one I made last week, but I haven't shared it yet so it's new to my blog.  


  1. That is just sooooo awful!!!!! I'm sooo sorry sweetie!!!!

  2. Oh Ashley I am SO SO sorry!!! That is the worst while pregnant, with another little one to take care of. Poor you. Stay hydrated!!! I've fond Propel water to be great for that, once you can stomach it - it's a little easier to stomach than gatorade, for me anyway (and it's what my OB recommended when I got a stomach thing during my last pregnancy). Hope you're better soon and your life gets back to normal, you deserve it!!!!

  3. So sorry Ashley! I hope you are feeling better today!!!!