Friday, December 19, 2008

EtsyInspired #15 - Purple Toes Jewelry Winners!

 So, I just had Random.Brady do a drawing for this week's EtsyInspired winners.  Here are the results:

1. Winner of the blue butterfly earrings is the lovely Danni with her rose card.  You should go to her blog for the close up, this baby sparkles!  This is Danni's first time playing too!

 2. Winner of the gemstone earrings is Maria with her sweet butterfly card.  Aren't these colors so bright and refreshing after all this dreary weather?  I love it!

 3. Winner of the lady earrings is Jacquie with her romantic double heart card!  I love this card, super cute!

Thanks to Donna for a wonderful giveaway!  What a great way to spread around the holiday cheer!  Visit Purple Toes Jewelry and you can save 10% and get free shipping if you mention my blog in your invoice!  WOOHOO!  Congrats to all the winners, please contact Donna directly through her Etsy shop and she'll get you the amazing prizes!


  1. Oooh, I'm glad Jacquie's card won! I really, really liked that one. I think it's a good thing you've got a random(ahem) picker to choose the winners because they're all great.
    Sara tagged me, I'm tagging you. You can tag someone from your harem? (and please remind me to try your next challenge. I wanna play!)

  2. Thanks Ashley!! Everyones cards were great this week as all weeks! Random.Brady is the best!! ;) Happy Holidays!!

  3. Oh wow!! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!!
    Thanks for running the challenge!

  4. Ooo, thank you...Random Brady!
    All the cards are lovely and so are the prizes!
    Thanks Ashley!!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  5. Wow Random picked some great cards to win these cool prizes!!!

    Love the shop Ashley I need those elephant earings!!!