Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hugged My Heart #19

We are celebrating Christmas today since DH has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so this post is going to be very short.  This is a picture of Brady last night, we set out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  However, Brady felt that he should taste each carrot before giving it the ok to be on the plate.  Silly boy!  

Here's my Christmas list for this week:

1. Seeing my grandpa in the hospital yesterday.  He was actually at a convalescent hospital so it's much more relaxed and not as scary as a "real" hospital.  It was good to see him.  He was in good spirits and was very happy to see us all.  I'm just sad that he'll have to be there for Christmas and we won't be able to be with him since it's such a long drive and DH works.  

2. Christmas parties.  I love love love parties.  All sorts of parties.  But I think my favorite are Christmas parties.  Everyone is just in a joyful mood and of course we have to eat a lot to put on those extra pounds for winter to keep us warm.  Brady and I will be attending one for my mom's group tomorrow and I'm so excited!

That's all for this week!  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great holiday (whatever it may be you celebrate) or just a nice week enjoying winter.  Off to join my guys to play with the new toys Santa brought.


  1. Merry early Christmas! Have fun tomorrow too!

  2. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Ashley!!! Sorry I have not been by in a few days I have not been very many places at all the last few days so much going on, but I really hope you have a fun fun night with your guys, and enjoy the little one inside who will be celebrating with you next year too!!!

    Merry Christmas Ashley!!!


  3. Awww....what a precious photo of him tasting the reindeer's carrots!!! LOL Now you just enjoy your time with your guys!!! Oh have fun at the party too!!!

  4. Merry Christmas!!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!!

    Very cute pictures of Brady eating the carrots -- sooo CUTE!!

    Kathryn :)

  5. Awe...Brady is too sweet to make sure those carrots are OK! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas celebration!
    hugs, Jami