Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Purple Toes Jewelry Winners!

Here is what Random.org said:Random Integer Generator

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9 31 4 

Timestamp: 2008-12-16 16:17:10 UTC

#9 (Winner of the blue earrings) is daiseyfreak said...

posted it on my blog!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a gorgeous shop! I like the Aqua Turquoise Glass Jewel with Blue Opal Glass Drop Earrings the best!

ok, don't know if us DT's are eligible, but I would love, love love the necklace that looks like a little mousetrap with the heart...


Woohoo!  I guess it pays to enter AND blog people!  Congrats to the winners!

Donna said you can contact her directly via her Etsy shop to claim your prizes!


  1. ashley, how exciting, thank you! I love those pieces!

  2. Wow, DaisyFreak (love your name) YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Congratulations DaisyFreak and DemandaBlog! I will be mailing your winnings out when I get your addresses. I think they are in my mailbox right now, so I will be able to get them out today. Again, congratulations and keep your eye out for more free giveaways off of Ashley's blog from my shop. Purple Toes Jewelry by DRyan327 on ETSY. Many thanks again for all the compliments, comments and great fun! I love you guys! Donna~

  3. How do you keep up with all the give-aways, you are good at it!

  4. LOL...congrats to Joy!!! I didn't know we were eligible....how cool is that!! You are so awesome Ashley!!!!