Friday, February 27, 2009

EtsyInspired #25 Winner!

*** This is my third post for today, yet again so please scroll down!  My HHH is the next one down.  ***

This is Random.Brady, just in case you didn't already know.  What is Random.Brady doing, you might ask.  Well, Brady is a bit of a nudist.  He was trying to take off his one piece pajamas and this is as far as he got before he started yelling for me to help.  Maybe now you know why I call him Random.Brady.  ;)

Ok, he did do a drawing today.  Maybe when he gets older, I can actually take a picture of him and the name he picked but until then, you'll just have to trust me.  This week's winner is Noemi!  Yay Noemi!  I love her super geometric card with the fun colors!  Noemi, I will email AngelFoods and give her your name.  Whenever you want to use your free shipping coupon, just contact the shop directly.  Thanks!

Here's Noemi's winning card for all to enjoy!