Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight #7 - Two Scoops of Rice Designs

I've been absolutely in love with Two Scoops of Rice Designs for the longest time. I was so happy when Renae agreed to be one of our sponsors for our Hop with the EtsyInspired Eight.

The big thing that drew me in is the Japanese Kawaii (meaning cute) style of the art. I LOVE Kawaii! Anything cute and happy sits well with me. I borrowed this image from Renae's blog to show you, I hope she doesn't get mad. It's a Vietnamese Pho bowl! I am Vietnamese and I've barely seen any Vietnamese stamps so I was super excited about this! There are a lot of really fun food stamps offered, fabulous ethnic food like fried rice, mochi, etc... Two Scoops of Rice Designs also has animals, little geisha dolls, a new line of fairies, and a brand new set of Mardi Gras stamps. So fun!

I'm just over the moon about this company and I hope you'll check it out and love it as much as I do! And come back on Feb 28th and see what they'll be giving away!

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  1. Oh, Ashley! I love all of the fun companies you find! You are a wealth of knowledge girl! Off to check this one out! :)