Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EtsyInspired Rules

I wanted to post this since I've been getting some questions from people and I thought I would share the answers with everyone.  

1. You can make ANYTHING you want.  Just because we are mostly card makers, it does not mean you are limited to making cards or even just paper crafting.  You can make jewelry, a cake, a drawing, a poem, do a dance, etc...  It doesn't matter to me what you do as long as your inspiration comes from the shop.

2. You may enter as many times as you wish.  If you find a prize or a shop particularly interesting and you want to make 10 items, go ahead.  However, each one must be either uploaded to your blog, SCS or PCP and you must leave a separate comment to each individual item.  

3.  You need to mention that you made the creation for the EtsyInspired Challenge.  It's not fair to take something you made last week and try to submit it.  The point is to find inspiration from these amazing artists.

4. There are no vendor requirements.  Ever.  

5. All creations are due (linked the the original EtsyInspired blog post for that week) by the following Friday at noon Pacific time.  Please remember to link your creations!  It would be a shame not to be entered if you made something.

6. You may combine the EtsyInspired challenge with any other challenge you wish.  I know that some of us are very busy.  If you want to combine this challenge with your DT work, SCS challenges, or a challenge from another blog, no problem!  
7. Tell all your friends!  Ok, so this isn't really a rule but it would be awesome.  The more people who play the merrier!  Also,  if we can get a larger following, I'm sure that larger prizes will follow!  

And as always, thanks for all your support with this challenge!  EtsyInspired is my baby and I absolutely love it so I hope you are getting joy from the challenge too!


  1. Thanks Ashley! You do an awesome job, and I can imagine it's getting harder every day!!! I think it is THE best challenge! I LOVE Etsy and am so inspired by so much that is on there (and I spend too much money there as well!). Thanks for the opportunity to play along! I've been absent up until the last couple, but life gets in the way sometimes... I'm going to try to do much better! If you need help with anything while you are having the baby, please don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to pitch in for Etsy Inspired anytime it's needed!

  2. hooray for Etsy Inspired!! :) THIS IS THE BEST CHALLENGE EVER!!! I think it is really good that you put the rules there for everyone to see. Hopefully we will get some new players! :-)

  3. Ashely,

    I think the rules will be helpful to have on here again.

    And just to tell you I am so enjoying getting to be part of your DT thank you for picking me, and I so enjoy seeing all the girls work each week!!!!

    I really look forward to getting to know the other girls better as well!!!!


  4. I wanna judge the dancing!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!! :)