Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smile Like You Mean It!

I'm having a rough day.  Nothing too serious, just life giving me some pretty normal challenges that I'm not dealing too well with.  Did I mention that I'm also ginormously pregnant right now??  Well, I am and not I'm sleeping well because of that so it's adding to my overall crabby attitude.

BUT, instead of wallowing in a pool of crabbiness, I'm here to post some things that make me smile.  You know what they say, fake it til you make it!

1. This Brady smile.  Enough said.
2. My DT.  I love love love my DT.  I have the BEST DT in the entire world!
3. I have these two online friends who are SO sweet to me.  Every time I think about how nice they are to me, it makes me smile.  Carole and Ky.  Check out their blogs.  

That's all I can think of in my crabby mood.  

PS Tonya has yummy yummy blog candy, check it out!  


  1. That is one "what do you think I'm up to" grin! No wonder you can't stay mad at him long.

  2. awwwwww you poor thing!! i sure hope you are in better spirits soon!

  3. aww hunny he is so darn cute!! Just know he loves you, even if he is being trouble! And your DT rocks!! :)

  4. Aren't smiles and laughs from your little guy the absolute best medicine! :) {{hugs}}

  5. He's got a great smile.

    And I'm all weepy now. You really are an amazingly sweet person. **hugs**

  6. Love the smile, that would be enough to carry me through the day. Hang in there! :D You'll soon have another one with a smile that compares.

  7. i'm sweet to you. i am. i am.

  8. I'm sorry you're not feeling great. LOVE that Brady smile, though!!! And agree with your DT and your friends... all GOOD!!! LOVE ya!!

  9. Well, Brady's smile would brighten anyone's mood. I love that you're so in love with him, like I am with Casey. Even if they ARE "terribly two". I'm so glad you love your DT, cuz you know we love you too. :)

  10. What a smile! He is such a little cutie. Sorry you are not in the best of spirits. Feel better soon sweetie.

    Thanks for spreading the word about my blog candy.


  11. oh ashley, hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!

    we love you!!!!!!!!!!

  12. He is really cute!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  13. That picture could make anyone smile! Hang in there - soon you'll have your sweet little bundle of joy in your arms.

  14. Oh Ashley I am so sorry I missed this post yesterday I would have liked to send out some happy thought your way if I knew you were feeling so bad!!!

    I love my kiddo's and really do want a 4th one, but many parts of pregnancy can be so tuff, emotionally and physically and just plain makes you feel down and yucky!!!

    Hang in there girl when I am feeling that way I try to tell myself this is only 9 months of the 80 or 90 years of my life!!! I can do this and look how wonderful what we get from my missery is!!!

    Though when we are in that part of pregnancy seems nothing anyone says makes you feel very much better!!!!

    I hope today was a better day girl!!!