Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My YSHLUA Challenge

A while back, Katy and Shannon were left alone and they decided to come up with the most evil challenge they could think of. I mean, it was REALLY mean! It included STICKERS! Gah! They called it the You Should Have Left Us Alone challenge. Now, we're on week 11 and it's my turn!

My challenge is:
Layers: Take the higher number in your age and subtract the lower number. That's how many layers you get to use. For example, I am 26.
I take 6-2=4. I get 4 layers. If your number comes out to zero, my gift to you is one layer.


You must use at least two different things that sparkle ie Shimmerz, rhinestones, Smooch, glittery designer paper...

You may only use stamps that have a nature theme ie birds, animals, plants, etc...

Deadline: Aug 2

You can find the thread HERE. It's just for fun but I would love if you played along. For my card, I used Unity's Everyday Adorable. I colored with markers and then used Diamond Stickles on the flowers. The DP is from my stash and has no name on the back. :( And I finished with a few rhinestones. Try the challenge if you have time.

Happy Wednesday lovebugs!


  1. Really nice card, and I think I might attempt it (but I have 7 layers--eek!).

    Does it have to be a unity stamp? I don't have any of them, but want to try them at some point.

    Anyway, nice card--love the sparkles.

  2. You can use any stamps you like! :)

  3. Beautiful card, Ashley! I love your new Avie! :)

  4. Love this! Sounds like a fun challenge!

  5. Whoa what a pretty card!!!!! Are you kidding though??? I can only have ONE layer!!???? AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! LOL

  6. Super cute!!!! your card is pretty and elegant!

    To Nicole K....YOU CAN DO!