Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holy Exciting Stuff Batman!

I'm gonna condense all my exciting news and going ons into one blog post. I don't know why. I have a "thing" with posting once a day. I guess I don't want someone to come and just read the top post and miss out on the other stuff.

First off, I (little old me) was on the Unity blog yesterday. In case you didn't know, Unity will be sponsoring the EtsyInspired Challenge every last Saturday of the month for the next few months. How awesome is that? But I never expected Angela to plug it on her blog! She is the SWEETEST person and a huge reason why I love Unity so much.

Second, I was also on the Rubber Romance blog yesterday. :) I won the sketch challenge and they put my card on their blog. I thought that was a really sweet gesture and I appreciate that they like my work!

Third, two of my AMAZING friends are putting together a new and innovative site called Torendi. My friend and EIC DT member Tiffany and my friend and EIC June Guest designer Jenn are the two behind this awesome site. I can't wait for the launch on 9-9-09! It's gonna be awesome! You can check out the Torendi blog and there's even a giveaway going on. And their first guest designer is the amazing Maren!

Fourth, EtsyInspired will be launching a brand new blog of it's own within the next week! :) I'm so stinkin excited, you have no idea! It's still under construction but feel free to follow it, you never know when there will be follower blog candy.

Lastly, I made a card for Moxie Fab. I know, this isn't news or anything but I don't like leaving a post without anything creative to share. This is for their clean and graphic holiday card challenge. You should hop over to the site and check out all the challenges and see what people all over blogland are doing with them!


  1. Wow there is a bundle of goodies on this post. Congrats on winning with that beautiful card. Unity is one awesome company and Angela is the sweetest to sponsor and promote EtsyInspired. Also I am a follower of the new Torendi and love that Moxie card. Wow this is alot of exciting news.

  2. Congrats on winning the Rubber Romance sketch challenge! Hope everyone is on the mend!

  3. Awesome Ashley!!! A huge thanks to Unity for their amazing generosity!
    I am excited to see what Torendi is all about too!

  4. now that's alotta great news! i'm there.


  5. That's a whole lot of exciting stuff for one post. Congrats!! :-)

  6. Wow! So exciting! I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Your card is awesome!

  7. WOWOW! Congrats on EVERYTHING! You got lots going on there...great card for Moxie Fab too!

  8. Thanks for posting this to the Moxie Fab World challenge, Ashley