Friday, August 21, 2009

Random.Brady and EIC49 Winner

How handsome is my big boy in dress clothes? Tiff sent over this suit for Brady to wear to my grandpa's funeral. I decided to skip the vest that came with it since it's really hot in California right now. We didn't have shoes to match so he wore his blue tennis shoes. What can you do?

Without further ado, here are this week's winners. Random.Brady picked Carole to win the card from MelissaKate. You can see Carole's beautiful card HERE. Carole, please email me with your choice of card from MelissaKate. Random.Brady picked Misti to be the AiFactory blog banner winner. You can see Misti's pretty card HERE.

Big thank you to MelissaKate for being our shop this week and donating a prize! Another big thank you to AiFactory for being our sponsor and donating the awesome prize! Come back tomorrow for another shop and another sponsor! YAY!


  1. What a little stud!

    Congrats Ladies!

  2. oh how fast they grow up. he's absolutely gorgeous!

    i'm sooooo sorry for your loss and bad news. you are in my prayers.


  3. how cute I love this picture, especially the shoes ;)