Saturday, October 3, 2009

WCMD!! Limelight Game W/ PRIZE and a Limelight Sketch Card

Hello fellow card makers! It's our special day! YAY!! I love World Card Making Day! And I'm super excited because Mandy from Limelight Papercrafts asked me if I could host a game for her! YAY! :) You'll also want to check out all the Limelight DT and special guests blogs for their games and they all have awesome Limelight prizes for you! Just click on their names below and it will take you to their blog where you can continue the fun and games!

Here's my game. Kinda simple really, you just match the person with their little factoid. :) The prize for my game is Unity's Gratitude = Joy stamp set. The set is pictured here. This is a pretty and versatile set! Just leave a comment with your guesses by Sunday Oct 4 by midnight Pacific time. I will draw a random winner on Monday morning. :) Don't worry too much about getting it right, it's just for fun!

2. Ashley (That's me!)
3. Lisa
6. Lee
8. Amy
10. Misti
11. Becky

A. I share my birthday with two family members, my twin and one of my kids.
B. I'm half German
C. I played the violin from age 6-16.
D. I sang the national anthem at a soccer game.
E. I hate watermelon.
F. I have two tattoos
G. I auditioned for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire with my hubby while in New York.
H. My husband threw up on my on our first date.
I. I've been to 8 countries outside the US
J. I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse
K. My favorite number is 16

I also made a card, since it's World Card Making Day after all. I used the Limelight Sketch and Product challenge for this week. The challenge was to use texture. I used the Swiss Dots embossing folder and the pleated ribbon for some texture. The stamp is from Unity's June 09 KOTM. The designer paper is Basic Grey Urban Prairie. And I finished the bees with some Diamond Stickles. There's still time to play and win the awesome prize for this too!

Also, don't forget to check out the sales going on at Limelight right now! All 12x12 paper is buy 3 get 1 free. Stampendous stamps are buy 3 get 1 free. Shimmerz and Shimmerz Blingz are buy 1 get 1 free (excluding Spritz.) And they just got Unity Store kits, new Basic Grey lines, and new Shimmerz colors! :) Fun stuff!

Happy World Card Making Day everyone! Have fun!


  1. Hey there Ashley,

    Sorry I have not been by this week it was a crazy busy week for DT stuff I had to get done, but I just came to see all the Etsy Cards for the week and I saw on De's blog it says Etsy is on a Coffee break this week did I miss somthing??? I did not get an e-mail or anything???

    Well if I missed somthing I did my Etsy post anyway!!! LOL!!!

    Your card for WCMD is great I love the bees and that embossing folder in back great job on this!!!


  2. Ok someone has to be first and get you laughing. So here I go:
    Mandy B
    Ashley F
    Lisa A
    Sarah C
    JenMarie D
    Lee H
    Ryann E
    Amy J
    Crystal K
    Misti I
    Becky G
    Sorry in advance if I hurt someone's feeling, but ASHLEY made me do it. I want this set really bad and you can see what I will do for a chance at it. LOL
    Happy WCMD!
    Your card is so pretty too.

  3. Such a cute card!! Here are my guesses. I only know one for sure! haha!

    1 g
    2 c
    3 h
    4 b
    5 a
    6 i
    7 d
    8 e
    9 f
    10 k
    11 j

  4. 1 B
    2 I
    3 E
    4 A
    5 G
    6 F
    7 J
    8 C
    9 K
    10 D
    11 H

  5. definitely guessing on most of these but here goes.
    1. b
    2. k
    3. a
    4. d
    5. c
    6. f
    7. j
    8. e
    9. g
    10. i
    11. h

  6. I am so guessing on all of these since I haven't visited a lot of these blogs before (will definitely be back more often) but here goes:

    1. Mandy - b
    2. Ashley - k
    3. Lisa - a
    4. Sarah - c
    5. Jen Marie - i
    6. Lee - f
    7. Ryann - g
    8. Amy - j
    9. Crystal - d
    10. Misti - g
    11. Becky - e

  7. Fun challenge and these are COMPLETE guesses :o)

    1. G
    2. C
    3. A
    4. E
    5. B
    6. K
    7. H
    8. F
    9. I
    10. D
    11. J

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. All right - here is my GUESS

    Mandy - G
    Ashley - C
    Lisa - H
    Sarah - K
    JenMarie - E
    Lee - B
    Ryann - F
    Amy - J
    Crystal - I
    Misti - D
    Becky - A

    Total guess.....

  9. giving this a shot:


  10. ok I have no idea, here is my guess :)

    1. Mandy B
    2. Ashley (That's me!) E
    3. Lisa A
    4. Sarah C
    5. Jen Marie K
    6. Lee F
    7. Ryann G
    8. Amy I
    9. Crystal D
    10. Misti H
    11. Becky J

  11. This is prety random, but here goes!

    1. H
    2. E
    3. K
    4. F
    5. G
    6. A
    7. C
    8. J
    9. I
    10. B
    11. D

  12. 1. Mandy b
    2. Ashley c
    3. Lisa a
    4. Sarah g
    5. Jen Marie
    6. Lee f
    7. Ryann J
    8. Amy I
    9. Crystal k
    10. Misti e
    11. Becky h

  13. Love your card Ashley! Okay here are my really random guesses...

    1 - B
    2 - E
    3 - G
    4 - A
    5 - D
    6 - F
    7 - J
    8 - H
    9 - C
    10 - I
    11 - K

  14. Eek...
    1. Mandy B
    2. Ashley E
    3. Lisa A
    4. Sarah C
    5. Jen Marie K
    6. Lee F
    7. Ryann G
    8. Amy I
    9. Crystal D
    10. Misti H
    11. Becky J

    LOVE this UNITY set!! Woop woop!

  15. My Guess totally random:

    Thanks for the Chance at UNITY Set!!