Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Mia just emailed me and told me that she wanted to give you all some BLOG CANDY! Wowie! Isn't that fun? It's super duper easy. Here's how to enter:
1. Go to the AiFactory Etsy shop
2. Figure out what your favorite item is
3. Leave a comment on what your fav thing is and why

You have until next Tues, Dec 1 to enter for the blog candy. Mia will pick her favorite entry to win!

PS Check out Mia's blog for some other fun stuff!


  1. i love the snowboarding alicia cause it a great action stamp and it features a girl. The boy version is cute to.

  2. I love any of the sweat pea fairies things! So cute and my dear grand daughters would love them on a card!