Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joy is in the Little Things

(This post will be ALL chit chat, just a warning)

The other morning, I was just in a bad mood. I was dealing with Shingles, the kids were sick, and one of the dogs had an accident in my kitchen. I was sitting at my computer, trying to get things done with the baby next to me. Brady was off with DH. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Brady coming in and out of the room. This is something he does a lot so I pay him no mind.

Then I hear little giggles. I look over and this is what I saw. Parker in a pirate hat. Brady had come in and put it on his head. But wait! There's more. Brady was holding DH's iPhone and trying to take a picture. And tell me how you could resist not smiling when something like that happens?

Someone once told me that some of their GREATEST moments as a parent took place without them interacting with their kids at all. They would just watch as the kids would play and explore together. The kids find joy in each other and as a parent, that's the GRAIL. Those little giggles that they won't even remember will stay with me forever.

Here's the next picture. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Brady likes to walk around without a shirt on, like Daddy. :) Brady was trying to show Parker the pictures on the phone. Someday, he'll learn how to actually take the pictures. I can't wait to see what he captures of their play time!

So, as I sit here at 1am, feeling rather sorry for myself because these past few months have been rather rocky, I put up this post. To find joy within the little things. Because I am blessed. Because this (drama) too shall pass and I can't let it get in the way of my "little things."


  1. Ashley the pictures and story is just priceless. Can't wait to see your amazing LO of this. Hope things start looking up for you really soon. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. those are 2 of the cutest boys i've ever seen. you should enter them in a beautiful baby contest. they'd win hands down.

    keep those good thoughts and 2010 will be much brighter for you - and i'm wishing you a new year full of happy miracles.

    a very merry christmas to you and yours. it's been a joy sharing 2009 with you.

  3. I wish I'd been up to give you an ear and a shoulder. I hope that today is better and tomorrow is even better.

    These photos are priceless.

  4. Ashley these pics are priceless! And so well narrated. I hope you print this page and stash it in a scrapbook for your kids to cherish forever. The pics are adorable, but your words really make them hit home!

    Thinking of you...

  5. These photos brought an instant smile to my face Ashley - I can see how it can turn your bad day into a good one. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Ashley, this is a great post! LOVE the picture of the boys together!! Adorable! Merry Christmas!