Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party Pictures

Ok friends, I did get some cards made today but I didn't get them photographed so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. We had a busy day today and spent half the day with my in-laws so I didn't get all the time I wanted to craft. But that's ok.

Here are some pictures of the kids' Mario birthday party from my friend Amy at Amy Leigh Photography. We got a party package at a local pizza place and the kids had a blast! There was air hockey, foosball, and a basketball game. Oh and a karaoke machine (if you know anyone from Minnesota, please call them and make them say the word "karaoke" to you, it's adorable.) You might notice that there aren't as many pictures of Brady. That was because he was being a crying Mr Fussypants that day. Sigh...

Mario Cart cake made by my other friend Amy
Brady playing air hockey
Parker singing karaoke
Blowing out the candles (we forgot a lighter, so he was pretending)
Cake face
This is YUMMY! I've been missing out!
Pinata time! We didn't have anywhere to hang it so daddy held it while standing on a chair
Yay! Candy!


  1. OMGosh! All the pictures are just fabulous and the party looks so much fun.

  2. Looks like so much fun! The boys looked adorable!

  3. The pictures are wonderful! So fun and cute!