Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kioshi Thanks

Hello friends! Yesterday was a crazy day! I have to tell you about it. It was all made ok but the kindness of strangers. First, a man in a Frontier (internet company) van pulled over at a red light to come up to me and tell me my tire was flat. After freaking out for a bit, I went to the gas station to try to fill it back up. At which point, the tire went completely flat. I had no idea what I was going to do. I had both kids in the car, no jack, no tool, and I don't know how to change a tire. This woman who was next to me at the gas station offered to help but I didn't know what she could do being that I don't know a darn thing about cars. She said she was going to try to get me some help and took my phone number. I climbed back in my car and cried for a while. Finally, I decided to try to call for a tow truck. I was on the phone when the lady, Parlena, came back up to my window. She went over to Les Schwab and convinced the manager to send someone out to help me!

Not too much later, the Les Schwab truck drove up and a handsome young man hopped out. This Les Scwab employee, Justin, quickly changed my tired, put air in the spare and reassured me that everything would be fine. He might as well of rode up on a white horse! He wouldn't take any money from me and just told me to have a good day. This brings me to today's card, a thank you for your gift card. This time, the gift I received was kindness from strangers.

Here's my super simple card. It's a white card stock base with some Basic Grey Kioshi paper. I stamped the sentiment from Gina K Designs, Lovely Shelf set. I added some pink Kaisercraft rhinestones to the middle of some of the flowers and that's it!

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. WOW--what a horrible day...but turned out AWESOME! That is a great card for your new friend! Glad everything turned out fine!

  2. Awww, I love the kindness you receive from all of those strangers! What a lovely card!

  3. Lovely card Ashley! And so glad that someone gave to your rescue...we do have some wonderful strangers around us!