Thursday, May 12, 2011

Swagbucks Fundraiser for Tornado Relief

Just to let you all know that I have volunteered to occasionally blog about SwagBucks events on my blog. This is not something I get compensated for. I use SwagBucks and I LOVE using this program so I signed up for the blogging program to give people heads up about promotions going on in SwagBucks. If you don't know what SwagBucks is, you can GO HERE to read my first post.

Ok, so SwagBucks asked me to spread the word about their current fundraiser. They are collecting SwagBucks (which SwagBucks will then convert into money) and donate to the United Way of Western Alabama who have committed 100% of donations will go to local tornado relief. This fundraiser will end May 31 at 12pm Pacific Time. A similar fundraiser for Japan raised $20,000 so let's see if we can get people right here at home in the US the same amount or more. GO HERE for info about the fundraiser.

I find this fundraiser to be really generous because SwagBucks don't cost us anything. You win SwagBucks for doing internet searches or you can earn SwagBucks by doing little things like taking the daily poll, taking surveys, or other tasks. There are TONS of ways to earn SwagBucks and it takes a very minimal effort. I was able to get enough Amazon giftcards in about 2 weeks to buy a brand new released hardcover book. If you don't already do SwagBucks, please sign up under my referral link:

Thanks friends! Have a great day!

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