Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Obsession: Makeup

Hi friends! I hope that you are well! I'm again, trying to get better but it's not going well. :( And more poor kids are getting antsy. But what can you do?

Next, I'm finally going to start blogging about other things on my blog. I stated a while ago that I wanted to include my other interests on this blog and I think I want to start doing this more. I was a bit concerned about my DT work and that people would lose interest because they come only for cards. But I want this to be my life and card making.

So, my new obsession is MAKEUP. This is not really new, just something I'm going back to. I used to wear makeup all the time and I even sold Mary Kay but after I had Brady I slowly stopped. It got to the point where I wasn't even putting on makeup for special occasions which is really sad because I enjoy makeup and how it looks on me. Towards the end of last year I decided that I wanted to wear makeup again and that's where the trouble began...
I had almost nothing when I started. I wore a little bit of mineral makeup and had a few other things. As you can see, I have a TON now. Yikes! Dustin even set up a little table for me in our room with shelves. He is so sweet!

Now for the trouble part... I have bought WAY too much makeup. I feel like I can't stop buying makeup, I just love it so much! Today, I've decided that I need to do Project 10 Pan which was made up by a YouTube makeup guru. Basically you stop buying until you finish using up 10 products. I'm going to do Project 10 Pan and 5 Bottle. So, 5 bottle items like shampoo, cleanser, etc...

Here are rules and exceptions I've set for myself:

~1 full sized product equals 1 pan
~Travel sized, deluxe samples, or 1/2 full items equal 1/2
~Small samples, single use products equal 1/5

~I CAN buy items that are $.99 or less. Meaning using coupons or gift certificates and paying the balance.
~If something is completely gone and I have NOTHING to replace it, then I can buy ONE replacement item.
~Swaps don't count
~MyGlam doesn't count
~If something is limited edition, I can choose to buy one item but it will take one of the items I completed off.

10 pans, 5 bottles gone and then I can buy things. Wish me luck!

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