Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I'll Never Fly JetBlue Again

Hi friends! I had a horrific experience with JetBlue and thought I'd summarize it for you just in case you want to save yourself some grief.

Here's a brief (well, I tried to be brief) summary of ALL the things that happened:

1. My flight was LATE. I understand this happens but I NEEDED to be in Anaheim to work at the Love My Tapes booth. I was booked on the 7:05am flight which meant I woke up at 4:30am. I got to the airport and the lady who took my bag said that my flight was delayed until 8:05am. I shrugged. Life happens. I got to the gate, they now said it was going to be 9:30am. Then 10:30am, then 11:30am, then 12:45pm! This is where I started to freak out thinking I would miss an entire day of work! I later found out that the plane had been having mechanical problems since the NIGHT BEFORE and they didn't call anyone to fix it until 7am and they got there AFTER our flight was supposed to leave. NO notification until we got to the airport even though they KNEW the night before.

2. The counter person was unhelpful. He told me there was nothing he could do because he wasn't authorized. I asked to talk to a supervisor. I waited TWENTY minutes where he told me to go, standing with my luggage, the guy never pointed her in my direction. Finally I flagged her down and she was SO rude to me. She did get me on a different flight but was completely flippant about it the whole time.

3. The Flight attendant was EXTREMELY rude. First she scolded me for not having my phone off before I got on the plane. REALLY? Who does that? Plus, I needed to call my ride because I was HOURS late due to the plane. THEN she refused to help a woman with medical issues store her luggage. Who does that? After this, she forgot to bring my drink. I was in the first row, she walked by me a bunch of times and never stopped when I said "excuse me."

4. A bunch of things in my checked luggage were broken. I've NEVER had this happen before. I didn't find out until late the night of my flight. Because my flight was late, I had to go straight from the airport to the convention. JetBlue told me there was a 4 hour policy to tell them things had been broken. Seriously? You're the people who made me late so I couldn't go get settled before having to work and you're blaming me for not checking my luggage in a timely manner??

5. Customer service was extremely unhelpful when I contacted them. I explained my whole situation and the lady offered me a voucher for JetBlue. What's THAT good for? The next time I want to be LATE, treated like CRAP and then have my stuff broken? Why on Earth would I want to fly with you again? She then told me if after ONE YEAR I couldn't use the credit, then I could transfer it to someone else. Lucky me, I have one year to meet someone who I want to TORTURE with a JetBlue flight and try to convince them to take it.

If nothing else, I hope that this will save someone from having a horrible experience with JetBlue like I did.


  1. That sounds horrible!!!! Don't worry though, we had the worst flight ever too on Saturday flying with Allegiant Air from Las Vegas to Grand forks North Dakota. 5 hours after we were supposed to land in Grand Forks, they landed us in Bismark ND and left us stranded there. (there was more trouble in those 5 hrs lol) No vouchers or anything where given to any of us!!

  2. ashley, i feel for you!!! what a horrible way to treat customers...you made me LOL big time when you said "i have a year to find someone i want to torture with a jet blue flight"...love that your sense of humor came thru the flight intact...although your belongings didn't. you must have been stressed to miss work...sending you big hugs!

  3. I'm sad for this experience that you had to go through! I don't think I will be flying with JB either!

    Also--I couldn't stop smiling when reading this post! I remember our convo the other day--LOVE skyping! I will be on tomorrow:)