Friday, September 13, 2013

Ninja Turtle Party

Hi friends!  I hope you're having an amazing day!  We are doing pretty well.  The boys are both in school and we are trying to get our routine down.  Avery is learning new things everyday.  Time is going by SO fast.

Here are some crafts and pictures from the boys's Ninja Turtle birthday party this summer.  It was really hard to craft with a baby so it was pretty minimal.  All the ideas are from Pinterest.

Here's the cake, from Safeway.  

For favors, we made all the kids masks inspired by THIS POST.  We used the remainder of the t-shirt material to make bands the kids could tie around their arms and legs.  Each kid got to be a Ninja Turtle, they loved it!

 Ninja Turtle balloons and lanterns were inspired by THIS POST.  The balloons had eyes that were punched from white cardstock then Brady colored the black parts.  The lanterns got google-y eyes.

And that was it for crafts.  We will see if I can be more crafty for Avery's birthday.  Have a great weekend, friends!  


  1. Too fun! I love the balloon ninjas and the cake looks great!

  2. Super fun! This looks like a fabulous NT party!!!