Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi friends!  Happy Halloween!  I hope you guys all have an amazing day!  We are headed to a Trunk or Treat later tonight since our neighborhood isn't the most fun on Halloween and by that I mean almost NO ONE gives out candy here.  It's sad.  I remember when I was a kid almost every house gave out candy and there was a rare house with all the lights out.  Now, it's the opposite.

On a fun note, here are the treats I made for the boys to give to their teachers.  These were super simple to make and I think they look really cute.  I think a little cute gift wrapping really makes a gift sing.  I took Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bags and trimmed some height off.  Then I punched the edge.  I put the candy bars in and folded the bags over so the width fit then secured with a little washi tape on the back.  Then I decorated with some Halloween Divine Twine and some Doodlebug Designs paper and journalling spots.

And it's Avery's first Halloween so I'll share a pic from earlier today.  

Happy Halloween, friends!  Have a wonderful and safe day!!!

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