Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CHA Top Ten 2014 Part 1

Hi friends!  At the VERY last minute, I decided to go to CHA on Dustin's days off.  We were concerned that I couldn't go because Dustin didn't have a lot of time to take off work with the baby being born last year.  How did it not occur to us until the weekend before CHA that I could just go on his days off?  Duh, Ashley.

Today, I writing a recap of sorts with my top ten favorite things from CHA-W 2014.  Let's be honest, I could write a top 100.  But in the interest of not boring everyone to death, I kept it at 10.  I saw lots of amazing things and met/reconnected with a bunch of amazing people.  I hope no one gets offended if they are left off this list, these are just the top 10 things that stuck out in my mind but everything was awesome!  Also, I'm going to write a short novel so feel free to skim.

1. My Roommates.
With my last minute decision to go to CHA, most people already had roommates and had their accommodations squared away.  I need somewhere cheap but I also wanted it to be clean and safe.  Lorena and Tenia both suggested the Stanford Inn and Suites.  I decided to stay their not only because of the price but also because I would know people so we could walk back to the hotel together.  Safety in numbers and all.  Little did I know that I would meet/reconnect with people who would become lifelong friends.

Lorena Canto and I ended up rooming together on Thurs night/Friday morning and we spent the whole day together on Friday shopping, eating, and talking.  She is the most interesting, warm, caring, strong, wonderful woman ever.  In the universe.  She talked to me about her time as a war correspondent, about her son, about her travels, about food, etc...  I could listen to her talk forever with that Spanish accent.  But we could have talked about the weather and rocks and I still would have been able to see her beautiful heart and soul.  I hope that the universe brings us back together someday because 3 days was not enough.

Tenia Nelson and I hung out on Friday night and she and Lorena let me crash in their room on Saturday night when I had no place to stay.  I've met Tenia before but only had a couple minutes of chit chat each time.  Now, I know you all know and love Tenia but what you might not know is that she is the most positive and caring woman.  She is so dedicated to her family and her students.  And she's SO real.  Tenia is exactly how she comes across on her blog.  Nothing brings Tenia down.  She is sunshine and love.

2. Webster's Pages.
It is no secret that I love Webster's Pages.  Brandin O'Neill brings a very distinctive and beautiful style to the paper crafting world with her art.  I've always loved how easy Webster's Pages makes it to create vintage looking projects.  But with the addition of the Adrienne Looman and Allison Kreft designs, Webster's Pages has gone beyond being a vintage line.  This line has rounded out and has something for everyone now!  Beyond that, these ladies are some of the nicest people at the show.  They care about every single customer and are constantly going above and beyond to make people happy.

3. Shimelle Laine.
Yes, Shimelle Laine is an amazing crafter.  Yes, she is as cute as a button.  Yes, she's fun and innovative and inspiration.  But she's also a wonderful person to chat with.  Shimelle is wildly talented and hugely popular so you wouldn't think she would have the time to chat with me at all.  She was their introducing her new line with American Crafts which I am so excited for that I could BURST!  This year, I changed my priorities from trying to see everything and running around like a crazy person to actually trying to make some real connections.  Though Shimelle probably doesn't know or remember who I am, the conversation I had with her was a real highlight of my trip (she's fun and witty) and I can't wait to see her new line!

4. AHA Arts
This is a super trendy and funky brand new exhibitor.  The owner/artist's name is Ashley (so obviously she's awesome) and her art has been used by Urban Outfitters, Target, and much more.  She brought these super cool stamps to the show.  All the paper you see is made with her stamp sets.  Her style is very fresh and I hope to see her stuff get picked up.

5. Freckled Fawn
Though they were in the new exhibitor's section, Freckled Fawn is known through the paper crafting community.  They have cute tapes, paper clips, wood veneer, enamel dots, etc...  They are constantly coming out with fresh and trendy new products and delighting me.  Doe (AesaLina who is shown in the phot) and her sister JannaLyse are as cute as they are sweet!  I have a feeling that big things are in the works, so watch their site!

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up since I've written SO much!  Have a great day friends!  


  1. So jealous that you were able to break away, looks like such fun! Loving the recap!

  2. Keep them coming...loved this!

  3. Wow..You look like you had the best time!!! I have always wanted to go to CHA..maybe one day..lol.

  4. Oh, Ashley! You made me cry!!!! Of course the universe will bring us together again. And if it doesn't, American Airlines will, trust me. Thanks for leaving out the post the moment when you wanted to strangle me if I made you stay one more second at Target. Love you so much, girl!!! Mwah!!!!

  5. Awww...look at all of those AWESOME people you met in person!!! Lucky lucky girl!!! So glad to read that you had so much fun at CHA!!! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us in blogland!!!