Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Light It Up Blue!

Hi friends!  I'm not feeling that great right now.  I have some ovarian cysts and I'm trying to work it out.  And by that I mean, I'm waiting for them to go away.  Anyhow, I'm a little loopy due to medicine so I'm not going to write a whole bunch today.

I just wanted to write a super quick post since it's Autism Awareness Day.  I'd love for you to GO HERE and read up on Autism and become more informed.  I used to be a therapist for children with Autism before I had Brady and I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about Autism and people who have it.  Pop on over to the link above and take a second to read up on it.  There's also a place to donate on that site, should you feel compelled to do so.

Have a wonderful day!  

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