Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fluttering 2014 Wrap Up

31 Days.
29 houses.
4 Starbucks.
61 Fluttering Donations.
7 Flittering Donations.
1 bake sale.
4 dozen cookies delivered.
$1774 raised.

I'm almost in tears writing this post.  I could not even imagine at the beginning of September that we would raise SO much money for this amazing cause.  Our original goal was $500.  I was scared that we wouldn't even make that goal since when you think about it, $500 is A LOT of money.  Making over $1700 wasn't even on my radar.

Then we started.  I let B read the pamphlet that we were handing out.  He learned a lot.  And sadly, he learned at KIDS die of cancer.  He learned that cancer KILLS more kids than than any other disease.  And he learned that JLK died.  I had sheltered him from this.  He was only 6 himself when it happened and he's a sensitive child.  But we were going to do this campaign and he needed to understand why it was important.
Next, Brady made us a plan and we were on our way.  We went to 29 different houses sometimes together, sometimes not.  We Flittered a car, 4 Starbucks, 1 It's a Grind, 1 office cubicle, and our church.  We got greedy at the last minute and threw together a last minute bake sale and made $114.  Our community (local and online) opened their arms to us and cheered us on with constant emotional support and donations.
Every time we started to lose momentum or fumble, we would get a reminder or a gentle nudge telling us that we needed to keep going.  JLK's anthem Brave would come on the radio.  Dragonflies (real ones) would come hang out in our yard for 20 minutes, they would park on our car, they would land right next to us on the fence when we were parked, or Libby would leave me a comment.  Her words and knowing that she could see what we were doing pushed over that finish line.

Libby Kranz.  That woman is a gift to the world.  I could not imagine anyone handling all this grief with more grace and more courage.  She stirred people in 49 states to get up and spread awareness.  350 families were changed forever like ours.  Families that bonded together to raise money and awareness.  Almost everyday, she rips my heart out with her truth.  Her Love4JLK Blog.  She's been to Washington DC.  She refuses to stop until she HELPS people.  She inspires every single day of my life and I cannot thank her enough for awaking my dormant heart of service.  I cannot beginning to express how much I owe her for stirring my passion and helping me find purpose.  And she inspired me to get my kids started since it's never too early to give back.  Because of her, we are better people.  And I will always always be grateful.  

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  1. Wow! Love how far over your goal you guys got! Amazing job!!!