Sunday, November 30, 2014

7 for 7: My Little Clothesline

Hi friends!  I hope you're having an awesome weekend!  I'm sad that today is the last day before school starts up again.  I really enjoyed having my boys home and having tons of pajama days.  I hope you are enjoying the giveaways!  Be sure to scroll through the last week for TONS of giveaways!

Giveaway Rules: Join me each day this week for a TWO new giveaways.  (There *might* be some bonus giveaways too.)  To enter the giveaways, you'll need to use the Rafflecopter that I post at the bottom of each blog post.  Each giveaway will be open for 14 days from the day it starts since it's a holiday week and I want to give people a chance to enter.  All readers are welcome, US or international, unless a giveaway specifies.  Winners will be announced on my blog and my Heart Hugs Designs Facebook Page.  Winners will have 72 hours to contact me or a new winner will be drawn.  Good luck to everyone!

Today, I have a giveaway from one of my very favorite places to shop for kid's clothes, My Little Clothesline.  I have blogged about My Little Clothesline before.  They sell gently used kids clothes at a phenomenal discount.  They have AMAZING Bargain Boxes where you get 5 pieces of clothing for $5 or 4 pieces in the bigger sizes.  They have clothes my kids enjoy too like Super Mario shirts for the boys and Hello Kitty jammies for Avery all at low prices!  I have 3 kids, I buy a lot of clothes and I need a good deal.  This is a good deal.  Also, Lauri so extremely pleasant to work with!  She is a super kind soul and I'm so glad that through her store, I've gotten to know her a little bit.

What's that?  You want to see a picture of Avery in a bunch of her My Little Clothesline clothes?  Oh, you don't?  Well, too bad, I made a collage.  ;)

And I buy the boys clothes from there too.  

Lauri so graciously gave me a $20 gift certificate to the store to giveaway to one of you lucky readers!  You can make $20 go a very long way at My Little Clothesline!

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  1. My favorite kid to shop for is definitely Joshua. ;)

  2. i love shopping for my son but my friends have girls so i like picking up things now and then for them to.

  3. It's fun to shop for both, they havoc vastly different styles, but I love finding those things that are perfect for each of them.