Monday, November 24, 2014

7 For 7: Unravel

Hi friends!  I'm BAAAACCCCCKKKK!  Guess why?!  Well, I accidentally overbooked by giveaways by one.  Next, I got offered one more giveaway.  Then, one thing lead to another and I'm doing two giveaways a day.  What can you do?  I love to give and I love my readers!  

Giveaway Rules: Join me each day this week for a TWO new giveaways.  (There *might* be some bonus giveaways too.)  To enter the giveaways, you'll need to use the Rafflecopter that I post at the bottom of each blog post.  Each giveaway will be open for 14 days from the day it starts since it's a holiday week and I want to give people a chance to enter.  All readers are welcome, US or international, unless a giveaway specifies.  Winners will be announced on my blog and my Heart Hugs Designs Facebook Page.  Winners will have 72 hours to contact me or a new winner will be drawn.  Good luck to everyone!

Our next giveaway is funded by me.  I bought these items and I will ship them to the winner.  Unravel is a very important organization to me.  It was founded by my friend Libby Kranz to spread awareness and raise funding for pediatric cancer in honor of her daughter Jennifer (JLK) who passed away from a brain tumor.  If you read my blog during September, you'll know that this year we joined in their Fluttering Campaign which raised $158,000.  And this was only the first year.  Libby inspires me everyday because her heart knows no bounds.  She can achieve so much and she will keep her promise to JLK that she would help other kids with cancer.  The prize pack includes 1 Unravel Bumper Sticker, 1 Unravel Bracelet, 1 Unravel Brochure, and a $5 donation to Unravel made in your name.
Huge thank you to the Unravel office crew who went out of their way while they are still building their store to find these items and sell them to me!  You guys rock!!!

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  1. Love all you did to help raise $$ and awareness for Pediatric Cancer!!

  2. Same here! I really enjoyed watching your Flutter progress via Facebook, you rock!

  3. I followed your photos of Fluttering! Breaks my heart to hear about children with cancer. So sorry to hear about Libby's daughter--- praying for peace and comfort for her family! I love that she is fighting for all those children <3

    As for who inspires me... I think I'll have to go with Jesus and Trav. But if I had to pick someone else... it would be Kari Jobe. LOVE her! She really is an inspiration for my worship and life (spiritually and in general). <3