Friday, December 5, 2014

Pocket Scrapbooking Tips and Giveaway (Collab with Ellie Augustin)

Hi friends!  I have a special post for you today!  My friend Ellie Augustin and I decided to do a blog collab.  We will each be sharing 5 tips on how to stay caught up on your pocket scrapbooking along with a giveaway!

Here are my 5 tips to stay caught up:

1. Use the Momento App.  This app allows you to sync all your social media into one place.  Personally, I tend to forget to use my journalling apps but I always post exciting or fun or memorable things to Facebook or Instagram.  I also use some location based apps.  With Momento, I can pull up any day and see the highlights.  This jogs my memory about what I want to write and any pictures that I wanted to print out.

2. PRINT YOUR PICTURES.  I feel like the most daunting task for me is to sit down and choose and edit my pictures.  I try to sit down once a week and pick out the pictures I want to print.  I put them on a folder on my desk top labeled with the week number.  I also change the names of the pictures to the date.  If I have several of the same date I'll do Nov1-1, Nov1-2, etc...

3.  Slip your pictures and momentos into place.  I go through and look at all my photos from the week once I have them printed then I choose a page protector.  I slip everything into place and put it in my album.  If I have a few minutes here and there, I will start working on my cards but at least I have everything in place.

4. Have your family help.  Have an empty pocket?  Ask your kids to draw their favorite memory from this week.  Or grab a piece of schoolwork and cut it down to fit the pocket.  Or take a minute and ask a family member a few of their favorites from this week.

5. Stop striving for Pinterest worthy.  You heard me.  I do it too.  I want everything to look like it does on Pinterest.  Guess what?  I don't have time for Pinterest.  I have time for maybe a card, a few lines of journalling, and maybe if we are lucky a sticker.  That just has to be ok.  What's important is the memories, not the matching enamel dots, washi, wood veneer, watercoloring, stamps, etc...

I put together a small giveaway and Ellie has too!  You should check out her giveaway too!

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  1. Those are great tips!! My goal for 2015 is to catch up with my PL---I am so far behind, it's crazy! Just keeping it real! lol

    1. You can do it! I've stayed on top of 2014 but I still need to finish 2013 and 2012.

  2. So glad I spotted your tips, Ashley! Question: Do you crop & resize your photos during the edit before printing? Trying to learn to enjoy pocket scrapping here. :)


    1. I do! I use the PicFrame app to either put 2 3x4 prints on a 4x6 or to do Instagram square prints.

  3. I am most looking forward to finding a new job that I love!

  4. Looking forward to reviving my blog as well, lol