Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY Pocket Scrapbooking Journal Cards

Hi friends!  I hope you are well!  We have been sick since Christmas and it's really starting to get old.  Is it spring yet??  This is why I haven't been blogging.  :(  Hopefully, things will turn around soon!

Today, I'm sharing a fun and simple way to make your own coordinating journalling cards to go in your pocket scrapbook.  For my cards, I used the Becky Higgins grid cards for the base.  I really like writing on the grid since I tend to slant my words as I write.  I used Pebbles Home For Christmas collection for these cards.  (Yes, I'm still scrapping Christmas.)  Confession time: all my weeks in my pocket scrapbook have their own paper collection.  I'm HORRIBLE at mixing and matching.  Also, I don't like to buy full kits of cards (like the Becky Higgins) for holidays since I feel like I don't use that many cards since I only make one layout for the holiday for each year.  I started making my own journalling cards and I thought I'd share the idea in case anyone wants to make their own too.

I really like making these because I use the printed bottom strips of 12x12 paper that I used to throw away.  I always said I was going to use them then I would leave them in the bag and they would get crinkled and I would toss them.  After adhering the strip, I either use chipboard, stickers, or cut out images from a paper in the collection.
 These are super fast and easy to make!  They match with all the papers I used and I can do tons of journalling on them.  No need to go out and buy matching journalling cards!

Have a great day, friends!