Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Toddler/Kid Snack and Raise Awareness

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well!  We are pretty good over here.  The baby is teething but other than that, we are pretty healthy.

Today, I wanted to share these little Valentine's Day treats that I made for Avery to give to her friends.  These are so cute and very well received.  They are fairly simple other than the filling of the bags part.  I had the most success with filling one side, zipping it shut, then using my fingers to create a clamp on that bag in the center and filling the other side then closing it.  I used the snack sized baggies because I wanted them to look more like a dragonfly than a butterfly.  I used a regular sized clothespin and covered the bottom part with washi tape.  I drew on a face with Sharpie pen.  I added pipe cleaners as antennae.  I printed out these cute Valentines (but I think you could use them for handing out a snack at school or a sports event or even party favors.  You can download the Unravel Color Valentines HERE or the black and white ones HERE.  I did the black and white ones since I don't have a color printer.  Then I used some glitter glue to fill in the hearts and dragonfly wings.   I ended up slipping the paper into the top of the clip so I could just hand them out as one piece.

For different ideas on how you can help Unravel Pediatric Cancer, check out their Give Us 12 page.

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