Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Will You Help Me Make a New Ribbon Banner?

Hi friends!  I hope you are well!  Sigh... I fell off the blogging wagon.  This weekend was rough both with all that's happening in this world and personally.  I just didn't feel like blogging so I didn't force it.

Last month when I was making my Halloween ribbon banner, I had a fun thought.  What if I could make a ribbon banner with a bunch of pics of ribbon from my friends?  I'm hoping to get 12 inch pieces of ribbon from a bunch of friends.  I was thinking my friends could write their names on the ribbons with Sharpie.  This way, I will have a decoration that I can pull out every year and it will have such an amazing meaning.

Please email me or message me on Facebook if you'd be willing to send me a ribbon for my banner.  I have tons of ribbon, just no ribbon that has any meaning behind it.  Have a great day, friends!  

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