Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Review

Hi friends!  I hope you are well!  We are ok.  We are still on our off-track time and while we are enjoying it, there are just so many germs this time of year!  We will make it through.

Today, I'm doing something new and super fun for me so we'll see where it goes.  Review posts on my blog are actually quite popular.  I love reviewing things!  Especially things in the categories I like so why not write them?

One of my favorite things in the world is COFFEE.  Are you surprised?  I will say that I'm in no way affiliated with Starbucks (but I WOULD be, can someone make that happen??) and all my opinions are my own.  I think people are always curious about the new drinks so I when I got a coupon for a frappuchino I decided to try it.

Here's the picture of the Smoked Butterscotch Frapp.  I got a grande and I got it as is so that I could taste how it's actually supposed to be served.  It was good but it is VERY sweet.  It wasn't so sweet that I couldn't finish it but I wouldn't order another one without adding at least one espresso shot.  I didn't taste any smoky flavor in this drink but it tasted a lot like butterscotch.

In the interest of being thorough, I also tried the hot Smoked Butterscotch latte and the iced version.  (I didn't get a picture of the iced one.)  The hot latte is really creamy and you could smell a bit of the smokiness.  It's not nearly as sweet as the frappuchino.  The butterscotch is a lot more subtle in this version.  The ICED latte is my favorite.  I think something about the ice brings out the the flavor of the butterscotch while the espresso balances out the sweetness.  The iced latte is super smooth but not too sweet in fact if I didn't know it was butterscotch, I would have a hard time pin pointing the flavor. It was just really good and will probably go into my rotation of drinks I order from Starbucks.

I hope these simple reviews help you decide if you want to order these drinks or not.  Have a great day, friends!


  1. Great review! I want to try one but don't like smoky flavored.

  2. sounds disgusting, so thanks for the review. will probably pass on it. i do like butterscotch candy, but once piece will do. i don't think i'd want a whole drink.... :)

    1. I totally get feeing that way. A lot of the flavored drinks that come out i.e. birthday cake or strawberry shortcake, etc... are not for me. I can usually only have a couple sips.

  3. Now I'm intrigued! Thanks for the review!

  4. Ugh!!! I want one!!! Darnit Whole30!!!

  5. I had the hot one today and thought the smokiness was VERY subtle, and the butterscotch flavor was there, but lacking a bit. It was definitely not too sweet..,,,