Monday, October 10, 2016

Lipsense Review (Color, Gloss, and Balm)

For the past few months, I've heard a lot of about Lipsense from SeneGence.  First, my friend Heather  (my Lularoe consultant) mentioned it when she was making a favorite things video.  I would see it here and there.  Then my other friend Heather mentioned it in her Style Tips and Sassy Lips group where she shares fashion tips, sales, and other fun shopping related things.  At this point, I decided to go ahead and purchase some to review.  (I am not affiliated with this company in any way.  The opinions are my own and I get no benefit whatsoever if you buy Lipsense.)

Lipsense is a long lasting lip color said to last 18 hours without reapplying.  They say that the color molecularly bonds to your lips then you wear a gloss over the top that is permeable through the color and moisturizes your lips while keeping the color in place.  Lipsense is sold through consultants like Lularoe or Tupperware or Pampered Chef.  The consultants will order the product and ship it to you.  Lipsense is gluten free, non GMO, not tested on animals, pharmaceutical grade rated, and FDA approved.  

I ordered Lipsense on Aug 8 and started using it shortly after.  I really like to do thorough reviews.  First off, I have to say that Lipsense is a commitment.  They say that any wax based product will cause the product to not adhere to your lips.  I have not used ANY other lip products since I started Lipsense because I wanted to use it in ideal circumstances.  I was told that your lips go through an exfoliation process as the years of wax build up needs to come off your lips and you can't give up.  I did WANT to give up but I didn't.  They say that the Lipsense will last much longer after the exfoliation process and that is true.

The colors are made with cosmetic grade alcohol to kill any bacterial on your lips or in the tube so it does tingle when you put it on.  You're supposed to do 3 layers of color, letting each layer dry for 3-5 seconds before you put on the next coat.  After it's dry, you're supposed to apply gloss.  Honestly, I think I create my own problems with this product.  I always forget to shake it and I don't apply enough gloss throughout the day.  They say to apply gloss right after color, then BEFORE you eat so that the oils from food doesn't break down the color (umm, I NEVER remember to do this, I need to write it on my hand), before bed, and throughout the day to keep your lips moist.  I need to get in the habit of applying more gloss.  I tend to wait until my lips feel dry before putting gloss on and I know that's not ideal.  

LIP COLOR: I have 4 different colors but they are all similar tones of neutral pink starting from light to dark.  I didn't realize how similar they all were until I put them all together but whatever.  I know what I like.  I still have a lot of fun layering them up and creating different colors.  They do last ALL day and if I forget to remove it, I can still see color on my lips in the morning.  I am a person with naturally dry lips and I feel like I don't drink enough water or apply enough gloss or balm.  My lips DO still get dry with this product but I do think that's a big part my own fault.  I'm going to work on that.  The colors do not transfer on anything unless I forget to gloss before I eat then wipe my mouth on a napkin.  It's hard to tell from swatches what a color will look like on you.  Here's my advice, take to Instagram!  Search #lipsense and find someone with similar coloring to you and see what you like on them then get that color.  They seem a bit expensive at $25 a color but they are said to last as long as 4 tubes of regular lipstick.  After two months of use, my colors look completely full.

LIP GLOSS: I decided to get the Glossy Gloss because it's the most moisturizing and I have not picked up any other glosses yet.  I really like the gloss!  It's definitely moisturizing and helps seal in your color.  It's comfortable on the lips but doesn't feel too thin.  It's not the type of gloss that's too slippery.  It has a good thickness but is not sticky.  In the past 2 months, I've used half of the tube.  The gloss is $20 and I am already in the process of getting a new one.  

LIP BALM: I bought the lip balm after using the color and gloss for a little while.  I wanted a bit more moisture since I have dry lips.  The balm works fine but I guess I was expecting some sort of miracle.  The balm was a lot smaller than I expected at .25 fl oz.  It's in a squeeze tube and is clear.  It is softening and moisturizing but I don't find it to work any better than the lip gloss.  It's $20 and while I will finish using it, I don't think I will repurchase it.  

 Apple Cider


1 layer of Apple Cider, 2 layers of Raisin


Praline Rose

If you'd like to order some Lipsense, you can join my sister in law's group (she started selling Lipsense a few days ago) : Lasting Lips with Mindy Facebook Group or on her Lasting Lips with Mindy Instagram page.  My friend Heather used to sell Lipsense too and she might have some left in her shopping tips group but either way join Heather's Style and Fashion group for fun and meeting amazing people!  

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