Monday, April 17, 2017

To Do in Sac: Rivercity Market Place

Hi there!  I think I'm going to start a new series called "To Do in Sac" about things to do.  What do you guys think?  I always struggle with knowing what to do.  We usually do the same old stuff like go to the movies, go out to eat, or the park by our house.  I figured I'll go explore some of what the Sacramento area has to offer and report back.

Photo from River City Marketplace Facebook Page

First up is River City Marketplace, which is like a giant craft fair taken up a notch.  The vendors at River City Marketplace are all local artisans, builders, crafters who have high quality items and unique ideas.  It's basically like you're walking around Etsy in real life.  All the products I saw looked really professional like you would find in a high end boutique.  This is NOT like the craft fair at church where people are decorating candy canes and selling them for a dollar, though I LOVE those events too!  The admission is free but we did have to pay for metered street parking.

The event I went to was in Fremont Park in Downtown Sacramento.  This park has an awesome fenced in playground for the kids so that was amazing!  They also had giant versions of board games and there was a complimentary craft table put on by The Greenhouse by Ana Apple which my kids LOVED!  They also loved getting Italian Ice from What's Happening Italian Ice which is based out of Elk Grove.  The vibe of the whole event is perfect for kids!  They also have some vendors that sell things for kids like clothes, hair accessories, and other fun knick knacks.

I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful jewelry, bath items, and women's clothes!  It was amazing to see how many cool LOCAL vendors are in my area!  There were even two boutique trucks there like food trucks except you could go into the truck and shop!  I loved that RCMP gave me the opportunity to see them all in one place!  There was also some yummy food but you have to get to these guys quick because stuff starts selling out.  They had the Its Nacho Truck, Purple Pig Eats bbq, Conscious Creamery (vegan gelato and baked goods), Burly Beverages, and Italian Ice as I mentioned before.  I really wish I had gotten food earlier but as I was wandering around, they sold out of food but I also came later in the day.

Here's my haul from that day.  I got a t-shirt from Rich and Riot since I LOVE her women positive message!  Yasss, girl boss!  And I got the cutest wood magnet and hair bows (the other one has been commandeered) from my friend Marie at The Freckled Moon.  I could have bought the whole booth, it was all so cute!

And the Italian Ice we got.  

Here's my Instagram Story from the event.  It's not at all professional but it will give you the idea of what you can expect when you go to RCMP.


The next event is April 30 and I'm going to try to go.  Do you have events you think I should check out?  Leave them in the comments please!

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  1. I love going to local events, especially when we can walk around and just check things out at a slow pace. We have a market that opens up this month and I am so excited to go!

  2. These look like such fun things to do!! I've never been to Sacramento but looks so fun!

  3. Oooo, that Italian ice looks SO good! We are coming up on all the city days (where each city celebrates its founding) and it's so fun to go to the booths and carnivals and rodeos.

  4. It looks SO fun! I have got to check this place out!