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Seattle Part 5: Dinner and Drinks

At last, here is the last post from my Seattle series.  I didn't finish the series since I didn't notice many clicks or comments on the posts however I had a couple friends ask for the final post so I'm posting it.    I thoroughly enjoyed the food and drink scene in Seattle!  I wish I could go back there right now!  Here is what we had for dinner and drinks while we were there.

U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station
This place is really cool!  They make fresh udon noodles and broths with all natural ingredients.  You go up to a counter then pick a style (soup, sauce, or dipping noodles) and then a flavor.  Both Dustin and I decided to get some soup with the fresh udon noodles.  He got the Niku (sukiyaki beef with onion) and I got the Kakuni (soy braised pork belly) with chili oil.  After you order, the person working starts cooking your noodles right in front of you.  Both soups were delicious and the noodles had amazing texture!  Looking back, I really should have pushed myself more and gotten a different style of udon since I don't think I've ever had udon any other way but what can you do?  We also picked up some appetizers from their ready made trays of tempura and other sides mostly sold by the each.  I thought that was such a fun idea and the prices were AMAZING on the appetizers!  This concept is so fresh and unique, I would LOVE to see one of these in my town!

Island Tasting Room Gallery Cafe
I figured we should try some Washington wine while we were there.  I went with my hubby Dustin and his cousin Kim.  We all had different flights.  I think they are affiliated with Amelia Wynn Winery so a lot of the wines where from that winery.  I was disappointed that our cousin didn't get the Rose' wine in her flight because they said they were running out but there was literally a case of it on the counter.  However, she did like the flight that she received so it was fine.  I think everyone enjoyed their flight though the service was a bit delayed since they were having an event.  I didn't really care for the plum wine in my Fruit Wine Flight but I usually don't so that wasn't a shock but the other ones were good.  I was also disappointed that you had to pay for crackers.  They had NOTHING to cleanse the palette between pours.  It was like $5 for some store bought crackers.  (I live in area with a lot of wine and we always have free crackers at the very least.)  It was nice to sit down and relax but maybe my expectations were too high from living right near Lodi and Clarksburg.  The wines were pretty good but we didn't buy any since we only had carry on baggage and I didn't like anything enough to mail home.

Kim (Dustin's cousin) picked this awesome restaurant for us when Dustin said he wanted to eat pizza and I suggested a place with pasta and other options too.  I will tell you right now that my photos are horrible because this is the darkest restaurant I've ever been in!  I edited the photos to make it appear that the restaurant was a lot brighter than it actually was.  We literally had to pull out our cell phone lights to read the menus.  They say that this place is haunted and ghosts wander around it helping out the guests.  They also have an effect where the lights flicker and the wind blows and things move.  It was a fun atmosphere and I like a place with a story.  

We ordered drinks first.  Dustin got the Fresca Cocktail which was AMAZING!  Apparently it's popular in Seattle, that's what the menu said.  Kim had a Moscow Mule and she loved it.  They make theirs with intense ginger flavor.  I had The Nutty Irishman which I felt lacked sweetness and nuttiness.  We ordered three dishes to share.  First up was the Tapenade and Roasted Garlic bulb which was pretty good.  I liked the bread and the tapenade had good flavor.  The garlic bulb lacked for me.  I wish I had salt and pepper to put on it.  Next was the Spicy Mac and Cheese and this was a HUGE disappointment.  The sauce was flavorless except the occasional spicy pepper and the serving size was tiny itty bitty even though the dish cost $14!  I wish we had sent it back to be honest.  Lastly, we got the Goat Cheese, Prosciutto, and Argula pizza which was super tasty!  It was $20 and not a huge portion but it was definitely delicious!  It was a fun dinner experience and I would go back.  I would just a lot more careful with ordering.  

Goldfinch Tavern 
Jess (Seattle Dessert Geek), Dustin, and I had drinks at Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons.  You know, because we are SO fancy!  Honestly, we sat down in the lobby of The Four Seasons and didn't realize we were in their tavern.  We felt inclined to order some drinks.  Jess had the Purple Rain Mocktail which she said tasted like fancy blackberry juice.  I had the American Goldfinch which was on their Happy Hour.  This wasn't the right drink for me.  It wasn't quite fruity enough but it was smooth.  Dustin got the Market Mule which was a decent drink.  Their mule wasn't served in a mule mug which is disappointing.  The service was very attentive.  I wish I had been in the mood for Happy Hour food because the plates looked beautiful!

Rachel's Ginger Beer
Listen, yes more drinks and more desserts.  It's a vacation.  I found it fascinating that Seattle has entire places dedicated to ginger beer!  I'm sure we have weird places to other people too.  The people in Seattle seem SUPER into RGB too!  I figured we HAD to try it since we have nothing like this in our area.  It was AMAZING!  They have tons of different flavors of ginger beer and you can get samples.  The ginger beer was lovely, not too sweet.  I ended up having the Passion Fruit x Vanilla ginger beer in a float with vanilla soft serve.  (I know, passion fruit, shocking!)  Dustin got the Raspberry Hibiscus (which was the seasonal flavor at the time) spiked with tequila.  We both really enjoyed our drinks!

Hope that these Seattle posts were helpful!  We had such a great time there!  I can't wait to go back to Seattle!  Hopefully someday we will end up back there!

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