Monday, July 17, 2017

$10 at Target: July Taste Test Candy

Hi friends!  Sorry this post is up a little late.  I took a bad fall crossing the street the other day and I've been hobbling around in pain since.  I have a skinned knee!  I feel like a kid except I sure don't heal like a kid.  I'm sure I'll be as good as new in a few days though.

I've been thinking about my $10 at Target challenge and while the concept itself is perfectly in my wheelhouse, I decided I needed a change.  I'm going to start having each month be a taste test of new or interesting things I've found at Target.  Dustin and I did this for a while when we were helping out our friend Tony with his Dynamite Gun podcast.  I've decided to bring back the taste test.  What do you think?  I always see products thinking "I should try that" and then I never do.  This is the perfect chance to go ahead and try.

This month, I was way behind on getting things together so I decided to try candy.  Life has been so busy and I didn't have time to cook or bake anything so I figured candy would be an easy and fun way to go.  Here are the items I found:

1. Sweetarts Whipped and Tangy - $2.69
I love tart candy so I was excited to try these Sweetarts!  They do have an airy texture but much more dense than a marshmallow.  They are definitely tart and finish sweet like most Sweetart candies.  I don't know how to explain the texture to you.  Avery said that they were squishy and she's not wrong.  I think there are other puffy types of candy you can get at special candy stores that have the same texture but I'm not sure what they are called like puffy strawberries.  Anyone?  Overall, we'll likely finish the bag but I wouldn't buy these again.  I like gummy Sweetarts better or even the original circles in the tube thing.  

2. Brookside Vineyard Inspired Chardonnay Grape and Peach - $3.69
I've loved the Brookside candies since my friend introduced me to them.  I usually buy the blueberry acai or the pomegranate flavors.  I was interested in this Chardonnay Grape and Peach flavor.  The chocolate is consistently the same in all the flavors I've tried.  It's polished to a shine on the outside but a nice dark chocolate taste under.  The soft fruit candy in the middle definitely tastes like grape and peach and the flavor is pleasant but I'm not sure I love it with the chocolate.  It's not bad and again I will likely finish the package.  I will go back to the pomegranate or blueberry afterwards though because I enjoy the tartness of those flavors more.

3. M&M's Caramel $2.69 (after Cartwheel discount)
I know these were in HIGH demand over the last few months.  I'm happy to tell you that Target had a GIANT space on the shelf full of these M&M's now.  These are really, really good!  They have a nice amount of chewy, creamy caramel inside.  I would buy these again and I'm sure my husband will love them too!

For the first time EVER, I was under budget at $9.07!  I'm so proud of myself!  Please check out the other hostesses in this challenge!  And link up with us if you love Target like we do!

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  1. I love the idea of a candy taste test! Love your choices too!

  2. This is such a fun idea Ashley! Are you going to do this post every month?

  3. I love how you did candy. I still want to try those m&ms. And I have never heard of the sweet tart ones.

  4. I LOVED the caramel M&Ms! Now I need to make a Target run!

  5. What a fun idea! I bought a package of the caramel M&Ms about a month ago and they were pretty tasty!

  6. Who doesn't love candy?! Great summer buys!!