Monday, July 31, 2017

Lightsaber Class

Last school year, my kids got to join in a free after school dance class through a company named Rize All.  They are a non-profit program with the goal of giving students new skills and positive experiences through dance and performance art in turn enriching our communities since the children are our future.  I absolutely believe in the power of art (obviously) and how it can change your life.  When I learned that they were able to open an art center, I signed my daughter up for classes.  (I am in no way affiliated with Rize All, though if you sign up and use me as a referral they will give me a free reusable shopping bag.  I DO NOT need more shopping bags so no stress about that!)

This year on the Big Day of Giving they hosted a Star Wars themed Light Saber choreography event.  I signed all my kids up for this event and invited friends to join us.  The event went over so well that they added a Lightsaber Class to their program, one for kids 7-12 and one for teens and adults.  This is definitely a good minimum age since my youngest (4) is not coordinated or focused enough for this kind of choreography especially with the props.

My oldest son has been taking Lightsaber Class for 3 weeks and the class has been added to the fall class list!  Sometimes there have been other kids in his class and once he's been on his own in class.  We (really mostly I) would love to have more people join him so that he can meet new people and have friends to chat with.  He's been having a great time with or without other kids.

The kids are provided with a plastic light up for choreography and foam lightsabers when they do duels for fun.  They learn real sword fighting techniques (with the plastic or foam lightsabers, of course) and stunts.  It gives all the memorization and athletics of dance but still the geeky fun of Star Wars.  It's perfect for my boy!

If you are local, please come join us at the class!  If you are not, then I sure hope you can find someone in your town that you can convince to give Lightsaber Classes to the children!

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  1. What an awesome idea! My kids would love this! We did something similar at home but it would be so fun with an actual class!

  2. What a neat idea! I think my son would love that :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that is such a fun idea for a class for kids!