Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Trade

I LOVE the idea of trading! I think it's great to take something you make and trade it for something someone else makes. It just seems wholesome to me. And you don't find many places to trade your wares, but there's etsy. I LOVE etsy! It has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of trading. This specific trade I did with a queen of trading, Kathy of uncckitkat.

This was just before Christmas, so I was still looking for presents. For three little cards, Kathy traded me TWO wonderful bracelets. I choose her Chocolate Love bracelets. Let me tell you, they are prettier in person than they are in this picture! One thing I adore about them is, since I am a plus sized gal sometimes bracelets don't fit, I had no problem with the fit on these. I kept one for myself and gave one away.

I love the browns and tans in the bracelet. They go with all my neutral and earth toned clothes. The little dragonflies add a sense of whimsy to what would be a very ordinary bracelet, making this extremely wearable. I loved working with Kathy! She's a doll! Her fun personality shows in her designs.

*Picture courtesy of Uncckitkat aka Absolutely Kathy

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