Thursday, January 31, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

This is the second hat I've gotten from CrochetandStitches. I'll post a picture of the first hat I got if there's room in this entry. I LOVE my hats but this one especially. I picked the hat color and the color of my three flowers that came with it. It's fabulous! I wish I had one of these hats to go with every outfit that I own!

The hat has a nice weight to it, it's not too heavy but it's not flimsy at all. I like that the holes are very small. Some of my other crocheted hats have larger holes (I don't know if that is the correct term, but spaces between the yarn) and don't feel as warm or substantial. And the flowers are bigger than I thought. They have two layers and are extremely cute. They are probably three inches in diameter.

Shannon is very easy to work with. She's a sweet person and very talented. I told her what I wanted and she had it made in just a couple days. She also had it shipped out very quickly. It was great. It got here faster than most things I buy regularly which is AMAZING for a special order. Plus, each time I bought a hat, I got a free little flower pin to go with it as a gift.

I think this idea is amazing! I love the different flowers and that they come off. I like being able to mix and match. I can come up with a bunch of different ways to wear one hat. I love the versatility. I wish everything was so versatile!

Here's my other hat which I like to wear with nicer outfits since it feels dressy to me.

*Pictures courtesy of CrochetandStitches

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