Friday, February 15, 2008

A BIG No No!

I recently bought a tote bag from an Etsy seller. I wanted to be environment friendly so I thought I should get a bag from when I run to the store for little things as not to waste bags. But instead, I just wasted money.

I was excited for my tote for a couple reasons; first because I was getting my shop name put on it and I thought that would bring in more business for me and secondly I want to be more green. Then my bag came and it REEKED of cigarette smoke. It was so disgusting that I wanted to throw it away but I felt that I should at least try to wash it first.

I wanted to just ignore it but my friends told me I should contact the person so that they knew about it for future reference. So, I contacted the seller and she sent out a new tote. I didn't ask her to, she volunteered. And it arrived smelling like smoke and perfume. Gross!

A note to all the sellers out there, if you really want to sell your stuff, don't smoke around it. You wouldn't buy something at the store if it smelled and your quality should be the same if not better than a store.


  1. Too bad it wasn't any better the second time around. Sorry about your disappointing experience! :(

  2. Hey, try washing with borax and warm water. On the second wash, if the smell isn't gone, try washing with baking soda. Just use about 1/4 to 1/2 Cup in the wash water. That will usually take care of most smells. If all else fails, sometimes I'll use a bit of vinegar in the wash a third time. I just keep washing until the smell goes away. For non-washables, sponge with borax water and dry off immediately, or leave in an enclosed space with baking soda or borax or both for a few a suitcase or outside in a garbage bag that's sealed. The key is to have something to absorb the smell. This will work for musty smells, too. Love ya! colorada