Friday, March 14, 2008

I love Artistic Detour

For a long time now, I've been in love the Artistic Detour. I just love the thought of making sea glass into wearable art! Taking a piece of nature and making it into jewelry is a lovely sentiment. Plus, I find sea glass extremely beautiful. I always have.

There was a piece in the Artistic Detour shop that I had admired for a while now. It is called a daughter's love. It's a pink piece of sea glass with a little rhinestone in it that hangs from a delicate sheer ribbon. It is BEAUTIFUL. But I don't have a daughter, I have a son. So, one day I told John (the man behind the woman, if you will) that if Robin (the extremely talented artist) made a piece called a Son's Love, I would be interested in buying it. (Okay, I might have exaggerated a little bit on the relationship between John and Robin, but that's how it is in my little world, hehe.)

This first picture is what Robin came up with. I like that it is a more substantial piece. The heart is metal, more sturdy and enduring. The wire wrapped top makes it seem a little more masculine. And the little AB crystal adds that little touch of magic. The piece has weight to it. It's a little rugged. I love it! I think it's the exact sentiment I was looking for. Plus it came packaged with the poem that John wrote for the piece. That was a great surprise! I wanted to print out the poem anyhow, so it's really great that it will always be in the box I put my necklace in.

I also got a cell phone charm from Artistic Detour. It's blue with a heart. It reminds me of my necklace. I love it. It's like now matter where I go, I'll have a little piece of the beauty of sea glass with me. The glass piece is small enough to where it won't damage your cell phone. The heart is just to sweet and is also very light. This is not a piece that will weigh your phone down. It's just a nice little decoration for something that is just so boring and impersonal like a cell phone. It's extremely well made. I've had a cell phone charm fall apart on me before and it was very disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised if this charms outlasts my cell phone.

I also got the pretty Color Play earrings which are sea opal glass earrings. I love how simple and beautiful these earrings are. They are classy enough to wear on an interview but I could still wear them out on a date and they wouldn't look out of place at all. I love how these earrings catch light too. They seem to glow and radiate and tell me, who wouldn't want to glow and radiate?

The packaging from Artistic Detour is gorgeous as well. My stuff came in a padded mailer, which is always nice. Everything was placed in a box that they took the time to put a pretty stamped image on. Inside the box, my items were wrapped in pretty blue tissue, my necklace was placed on a little cloud of cotton batting. It was like a lovely, lovely gift from Robin to me. It made my day!

*Pictures courtesy of Artistic Detour

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